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  Chapter One Theoretical Basis of the WTO

  1.1 The Theory of Comparative Advantage

  1.1.1 Basics of the Theory

  1.1.2 Historical Overview 

  1.1.3 David Ricardo's Numerical Example

  1.1.4 The Ricardian Model — Assumptions and Results

  1.2 The Theory of Market Economy

  1.2.1 Spontaneous Order or “Invisible Hand”

  1.2.2 Free Market Economy

  1.2.3 Government Intervention

  1.2.4 Criticism of Market Economy

  1.3 The Theory of Sustainable Development

  1.3.1 Scope and Definitions

  1.3.2 History of Sustainable Development as a Policy Concept

  1.3.3 The Earth Summit and Environmental Sustainability

  1.3.4 WTO and Sustainable Development


  CS 1.1 True Meaning and Intuition of the Theory of Comparative Advantage 

  CS 1.2 Chinas Market Economy Status (MES)

  Chapter Two Development of the WTO

  2.1 Basics of the WTO

  2.1.1 The WTO in Brief

  2.1.2 The Multilateral Trading System

  2.1.3 The GATT Years: from Havana to Marrakesh

  2.2 Development of the WTO

  2.2.1 The 1947 GATT Agreement

  2.2.2 GATT Multilateral Trade Negotiation Meetings

  2.2.3 Uruguay Round and the World Trade Organization

  2.3 The Organization of the WTO

  2.3.1 Introduction to WTO Organization

  2.3.2 WTO Organization Chart

  2.3.3 Membership, Alliances and Bureaucracy

  2.3.4 The Secretariat Chart

  2.3.5 Special Policies

  2.4 China and WTO

  2.4.1 Chinas WTO Entry

  2.4.2 The RightandDuty Balance in the WTO


  CS 2.1 Doha Development Round

  Chapter Three Basic Principles of the WTO

  3.1 Reciprocity

  3.1.1 Two Folds of Reciprocity

  3.1.2 WTO Rules of Reciprocity

  3.1.3 Theoretical Interpretation of Reciprocity

  3.2 Nondiscrimination

  3.2.1 Mostfavourednation (MFN)

  3.2.2 National Treatment:Treating Foreigners and Locals Equally

  3.3 Liberalization of Trade

  3.3.1 Liberalization for Goods

  3.3.2 Liberalization for Services

  3.3.3 Limits to Liberalization

  3.4 Transparency

  3.4.1 Introduction to Transparency

  3.4.2 Publication and Administration of Trade Regulations

  3.4.3 Transparency Rules for GATS

  3.4.4 Transparency Rules for TRIPS

  3.4.5 Trade Policy Review Mechanism (“TPRM”)


  CS 3.1 MFN Exception: Promotion of Regional IntergrationCustom Unions111 



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