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  a停顿向我父亲吼号叫 The stop bellows to me yells


  aHow long from waiting 多久从收听候 [translate]

  amy heart is shattered 我的心贼脏被打零碎 [translate]

  aWho do you ask when there's no one left to turn to [translate]

  acomplete the first two levels complete the first two levels [translate]

  ai think thats a time to relax for you 我也这么想时分为您抓紧 [translate]

  a制式 翻译 Service pattern translation [translate]

  aessential company 正翻译,请收听候... [translate]

  aput yourself in their shoes as you prepare your speech 参加己己己在他们的鞋儿子,您预备您的说话 [translate]

  a亲酷爱的李洋老婆,观点你是我此雕刻一齐生中最幸运的。 The dear Li ocean wife, knew you are in my this life luckiest. [translate]

  ait is advisable for all members of family to express their feeling and concerns about the inevitable change candidly. 表臻他们的对不成备止的变募化的觉得和关怀坦比值地家庭的所拥有成员是适当的。 [translate]

  a当今我的念书半途而废顺顺手 Now my study progress is smooth [translate]

  aVanicream Sunscreen, Sensitive Skin, SPF 30 Vanicream遮藏光剂,敏理性皮肤, SPF 30 [translate]

  aAll cancers start from one particular cell that mutates. Its DNA is damaged by mutations and changes so that the cell no longer grows in an orderly fashion according to the rules for its type. The cancer is often named for the cell type that it grows from but sometimes it has other names. 正翻译,请收听候... [translate]

  a我已很清楚了松了 I have understood very clearly [translate]

  aGoing out tonight, definitely 出产去今深,决定地 [translate]

  a你是到来此雕刻边出产差吗 Here you are come to travel on official business [translate]

  asee you,I feel you 瞧见您,我觉得您 [translate]

  a不又加以班 No longer works overtime [translate]

  a我好想你哦!良久没拥有拥有瞧见你了,真的好想你哦!是想踩你哦!拥偶然间到来玩哈哈。呵呵 I good think you oh! Has not seen you for a long time, really good thinks you oh! Is wants to step on you oh! Has the time to play Kazak.Ha-ha [translate]

  aThis is her mother,and she name is Mary. 此雕刻是她的母亲亲,同时她命名是玛丽。 [translate]

  anao mais todos samos brasileiros nessa guild quer entrar? 加以上我们不samos巴正西在此雕刻个协会的所拥有想要进入? [translate]

  apsychedelic project 熒光的項目 [translate]

  a老公,诞辰快乐 The husband, the birthday is joyful [translate]



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